Des Bishop delighted a sold-out audience in March 2016, so we've invited him back with his brand new show, One Day You'll Understand.  

Des is old enough now to know that when his Mom used her favourite expression, “one day you will understand”, that she was often correct. However, sometimes she was just hiding from having to explain the complexities of life. 

What a great metaphor for the confusing world we live in; from Trump to Isis, Facebook feeds to conspiracy theories and the ever-confusing battle of the sexes. Through laughter, Des attempts to make sense of the world today and life in general.

Please note change of date from Sunday 5 March.

Ballymaloe House offers early bird dinner [€45] at 6pm. Please ring 021 465 2531 for reservations. 

Price: €25
Date: Thursday, March 9, 2017 - 12:00am

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