A Digital Detox is a designated period of time where people stop using their digital devices, smart-phones, laptops and tablets and enjoy life enhancing activities in the present… and what better place to enjoy the present than at Ballymaloe House. You will begin on arrival at 2pm with a short talk on the benefits of digitally detoxing and some helpful tips on detoxing at home – you will then be asked to switch off to allow you to enjoy almost 24 hours of precious you time. We provide a landline for any emergency phone calls, but otherwise we discourage all digital technology for the day, so you can fully switch off and enjoy the organized off-line activities designed to increase creativity, encourage human connection and provide you with the skills to enjoy more digital detoxing yourself when back at home. Take this precious real time for reflection, relaxing, nature walks and conversation. Activities include: Storytelling, Mindfulness, Yoga, Ener-Chi Rebalance, Gong Baths, Nature Walks, Foraging, and much more!

Date & Time: Sunday 07th May 2017

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