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Our own Apple Juice & Ballymaloe Mulled Apple Recipe

On the Ballymaloe Farm 5 years ago, we planted a 2 acre orchard of cider apples, mainly Dabinett but also Crimson Bramley, Santana, Topas, Delles Bell and Dellinquo.  Other varietals grow across the farm, in the walled Garden and adjacent to the aptly named Orchard Cottage.  

Mild weather throughout the year allowed perfect growing conditions for Apples across Ireland’s orchards, so having yielded such an abundant crop this year there were endless possibilities of uses for the apples.


The Pastry Kitchen Christmas Blog

The pastry kitchen is always the first part of the house to feel festive as winter evenings draw in at Ballymaloe. The weather changes to suit the season and the pastry team is busy at work; making a list, checking it twice and from then on its lots of plum puddings, mince pies and cakes to ice. Work begins in October as the aroma of citrus peel, slowly candying, fills the kitchen. Soon extra whiskey from the Midleton distillery and rich plump dried fruits arrive.


Working in a Winter Wonderland

What’s to do in the garden at this time of year? A question frequently asked and being so busy, there’s barely time to answer! 


Poem for Grandpa by Fawn Allen 1998

In East Cork there lived a chap

Who put Ballymaloe on the map, 

He started out life as a farmer

But to living it up he grew fonder. 

So to his sons he gave his farms

And he set out to develop his charms

A chore for him this would not be

As charms a plenty and more had he. 

He charmed the staff, he charmed the pests, 

Those he charmed best must be the guests. 

He would chat and laugh and giggle and praise

Until all round him spirits were raised. 


What's Happening in the Ballymaloe Walled Garden - Autumn 2017

"Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.." Ode to Autumn by John Keats

A definite change of pace can be felt in the walled garden – there’s a chill in the air and the decreasing daylight is slowing weed growth to an almost manageable pace!

But in the vegetable garden the harvest is at its most bountiful – French beans, courgettes, spinach, chard, baby leeks, salad leaves, apples, pears, plums and raspberries.

Apples will be stored and some will hold in a cool environment until February when we’ll crave a stewed or juiced apple!


Apple Muesli

All seasonal fruits can be used for this delicious simple recipe.  On the Ballymaloe breakfast buffet apples may be replaced with seasonal fruits such as loganberries, raspberries and strawberries depending on the time of year and what is available in our walled garden. 

45g (1 1/2 oz, 1/2 cup) oatmeal

120ml (4fl oz, 1/2 cup) water

2 Apples, grated

2 Teaspoons of honey

Squeeze of lemon

Dark brown sugar

Single cream


The Height of the Summer...

The walled garden is now planted to capacity – directly sown beetroot, carrots, spinach and chard, leeks by the thousand, courgettes, summer squash and pumpkins, cabbages, kales and sprouting broccoli. While waiting for vegetables to mature, there’s a bounty of raspberries, black, red and white currants and apples, plums and pears to come.

Ballymaloe House is full of cut flowers fresh from the garden – the scent of sweet pea and the blousy show of dahlias. And already we have next year in sight as we review bulb catalogues to place an order soon for a spring display.



Monday 10th July: Join Ballymaloe's Head Gardener, Susan Turner for a half day course at Ballymaloe Cookery school from 9.00am - 2.00pm. 

With coffee on arrival to Ballymaloe cookery school on Monday morning, this package includes a light lunch. Susan will teach you points to consider when looking at the general layout of any garden. 


#LITFEST17 - The 5th Ballymaloe Litfest

The 5th Ballymaloe Litfest - A Food and Drinks Literacy Festival took place on Friday May 19th to Sunday May 21st 2017 throughout a variety of venues at Ballymaloe House and the Ballymaloe Cookery School, Ballymaloe Grainstore, The Big Shed and the Ballymaloe walled garden.


Best breakfasts in Ireland 2017

We are delighted to win the Best "Country House Breakfast" in the Georgina Campbell Irish Breakfast Awards.

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