Join our in-house floral designer Iona Murray for a day and learn how beautifully she brings the outside in and creates simple effective floral designs naturally. 

Iona will be running the following courses throughout 2020 (see below) and the itineray for each is as follows: 


Meet at 9.30 am for tea & scones

Garden / Farm walk and forage

Spring & Easter floral demonstration lesson

Lunch at 1 pm

Afternoon of more seasonal floral demonstrations

Spring Flowers & Easter Decorations: Thurs 2nd April 2020

With the return of spring, it also marks the return of colour and vibrancy to the Ballymaloe gardens, they are flourishing with spring bulbs planted in the autumn, and the long-established spring flowering shrubs will be bursting into bloom.  This gives us lots of material to work with creating seasonal displays in the house for Easter.  It's the time of year for vibrant spring flower table centres and bouquets, and during this course, we will also demonstrate Easter baskets for the Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday, and other traditional Easter decorations; Easter trees, Easter gardens, Easter egg decorations & seasonal crafts.  

Price €125.00 per person including lunch

Summer Roses: Thurs 18th  June 2020

A Ballymaloe favourite, we will be looking at how to pick, plant and care for our ever-growing variety of roses and summer companion flowers, Iona will be demonstrating all types of seasonal arrangements.  Explore and forage Ballymaloe's gardens and woods for material with Iona and enjoy a guided tour of our walled garden and woodland walk.

Price €125.00 per person including lunch

Halloween decorations & Autumn displays: Thursday 22nd October  2020                                        

As the season turns fully to autumn there are a whole new range of flowers available and turning leaves and berries, creating a new palette of textures and colour to work with. This allows Iona to dress the house perfectly for darker nights and cosy evenings spent by the drawing-room fireside. It is the perfect place for telling stories and preparing for this spooky time of year. Halloween allows us to produce creative, carving creations in gourds and pumpkins from the traditional to the inspirational. Iona will work with candles and lights to build sensational seasonal displays with floral magic to create the whimsical for this enjoyable season. 

(As it is also the perfect time to be planting bulbs for indoor winter displays, we will go through the methods of planting and the care required, types of flowers that cope with being forced.)

Price: €125.00 per person including lunch

Christmas Flowers and Decorations for the Country Home: Early December TBC

This will be a very busy day, you will cover the A-Z of festive seasonal decorations, as during the day Iona will be discussing all things Christmas.  Beginning with a walk around the grounds, and looking at the types of foliage available to gather. You will also visit the elaborate festive decorations throughout Ballymaloe ready for the up-coming party season.  Iona will explain her methods for decorating the house during her absolute favourite times of the year. 

The day will cover all things Christmas trees, mantelpiece decorations, swags, stair garlands, wreaths, table centres, Kissing boughs, Christmas lights and other traditional seasonal displays, inspiring you to start preparing your own decorations, so you can wow family and friends for the upcoming festive party season.

Price: €150.00 per person including lunch. 

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