Murder Mystery weekend: 8/9th Nov 2019 | Ballymaloe House

Murder & Mystery at the Venetian Crab Night Club (AKA Ballymaloe House)

It was a weekend of intrique and mystery solving...

The Venetian Crab Night Club (AKA Ballymaloe House) Murder Mystery weekend took place on Friday 8th November 2019 and started in the conservatory with a cocktail reception hosted by MC Micky 'Blue Eyes' McCloud.

Micky Blue Eyes welcomed and brief guests on the latest developments and the sudden demise of Pedro (silent partner in the Venetian Crab Club) before enjoying the Friday night hors d'oeuvre buffet and welcome dinner. 

On Saturday 9th November guests were encouraged, at their own pace during the day, to locate hidden clues in the grounds and visit the murder scene which will assist them in their investigations.

Saturday night, in the conservatory... with a cocktail... guests were provided with more clues before a Murder press conference.

Guests wore Venetian Crab Night Club glamour on the Saturday night to blend in and not appear too conspicuous... more 60's mob nightclub fashion rather than Rennaisance Venetian but masks were encouraged. 

The plot and evidence developed throughout Saturday night's delicious gala dinner where guests were introduced to more of the characters involved in the Murder scenario with interactive fun and games, and learnt about their relationship with Pedro.

The atmosphere was one of thrilling mystique, interaction and fun in the Long Room and the guests provided a huge amount of glamour!

At the end of the dinner guests submited their findings... who, how and why Pedro was murdered will be revealed... who dunnit?! and WHO guessed Who Dunnit?!!!  Prizes were awarded too. 

Included in the Murder Mystery weekend:

2 x Bed and Breakfast

2 x Cocktail receptions

2 x Dinner including hors d'oeuvre buffet on Friday night

The weekends Murder Mystery entertainment and clue finding was facilitated by professional actors

From €395 per person sharing a standard room (single supplement applies)


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