Music of Irish Drawing Rooms CD launch - After Dinner Recital / Drawing Room Concert | Ballymaloe House

To celebrate the launch of Karin Leitner and Teresa O'Donnell's new CD 'Music of Irish Drawing Rooms',  Karen and Teresa will be hosting an intimate recital in the Ballymaloe House Drawing Room after dinner on Wednesday 11th September.

Book to enjoy dinner in the house on Wednesday 11th September and relax in our Drawing room after dinner and enjoy the exquisite music of these two talented classical musicians for the official launch of their beautiful new CD Music of Irish Drawing Rooms.

A word from the musicians...

For hundreds of years music was played in Irish Drawing Rooms, Turlough O'Carolan, the famous blind Irish harpist used to go from castle to Country house, from one Drawing Room to the next to perform and inspire. History was sung in ballads in these historic halls and kept alive in tradition. We recreate history by playing in historic Drawing Rooms, the music that would have been played there and then and add a few more modern tunes to create the bridge between now and then. People attending the Drawing Room Concerts and listening to the CD are transported back in time and experience the magic and enthusiasm from times gone by when intimate settings and enchanted Drawing Rooms would host unforgettable music and incredible talents.

The gathering of like minded people inspired great conversations, discussions, exchange of talents and guaranteed fulfilling experiences. So much of it is lost by TV and digitalism, that's why we strive to recreate it to rekindle the ancient flame and encourage to go back that route to find the magic lost.

To purchase this new CD please visit Karin's website in attached link (after the launch date), or BOOK for dinner on Wednesday 11th September and purchase your copy from Karin and Teresa directly whilst enjoying this celebratory complimentary after dinner recital after.

Please call our reception on 021 465 2531 to book a table. The recital will begin in our Drawing Room at 10.30 pm.

Copy and paste this Video link Preview in URL for a taste of the classical magic you can expect:

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