Ballymaloe Garden Blog 2018 #5 - Late, Late Summer | Ballymaloe House

The forecasted Indian summer has arrived! And with it, the dry weather and ground conditions to get ahead (optimistically) of the weeds.

So much of the work in the garden depends on soil conditions and weather – I choose to see this dry, sunny spell as a late stretch of summer rather than the beginning of autumn.

So, along with rows and rows of weeding to be done, there’s late summer pruning to be done on wall-trained fruit. The pruning on these trees is done late in the summer so that no new, tender growth will occur just before the frosts begin – the frost will damage tender growth before the wood had a chance to harden.

At the end of August, we said goodbye to the garden intern, Siobhain, who was a huge addition to the garden this year. September can still be a hectic month in the walled garden with an abundance of vegetables and fruit to be harvested for the Ballymaloe kitchen – this year was good for kales and cabbages, calabrese and kohl rabi.

Next week, the pumpkin harvest begins and there will be no denying that autumn has arrived. It was a great, late, summer while it lasted!


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