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The Ballymaloe menu is based on the food from our own farms or producers in the locality. Local farmers supply us with poultry, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, chickens and turkeys. We keep our own free-range hens for a guaranteed fresh supply of eggs and also have recently taken to rearing our own free-range pigs on the farm.

All our lamb and beef is grass-fed, reared on neighbouring farms and slaughtered by local family butchers. Our pork and poultry is locally produced, non-intensive, free range or organic.

Vegetables and herbs come mainly from the walled garden, originally tended by Mick Cullinane for over 50 years and now looked after by head gardener Mags Coughlan and her team, as well as from the organic farm and gardens of the Ballymaloe Cookery School. Floury new potatoes come to us from Patrick Walshe and Willie Scannell in Shanagarry and Ballycotton.

Our fish comes from small boats in Ballycotton and shellfish from Kenmare Bay. Sally Barnes, Bill Casey, Frank Hederman and George Devereux smoke fish for us.

Our cheese board celebrates the remarkable rebirth of Irish cheeses from small farms all over Ireland. 

We sincerely thank and value all our local suppliers who help us to keep a high quality product on our tables.

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